4 April 2017


We can verify that packages, after printing, faithfully reproduce the contents of a PDF file, another digital format or a physical sample. To ensure the accuracy of what has been printed on the box, checks can be performed on the various faces or only on specific areas. The inspection can involve texts, images, codes and it’s even possible to detect the presence of print defects like stains and non-readable areas. It’s also possible to check inking details. Error detection can be tuned by setting various tolerance thresholds and on their crossing it’s possible to send to the host machine a signal to handle the event. The image acquisition process can be shown in real-time on the monitor and in any case all the necessary information can be archived in a database.

Among the possible inspections there’s also the capability to detect open flaps and other irregularities.

Our systems are developed keeping in mind the entire length of the machine’s service life. Repair costs, energy requirements, maintenance periods and expandability. Always paying attention to new technologies, the quality of employed materials and striving to obtain a considerable flexibility. An existing system can be modified, even after years, to adapt to new container types and formats.