Quality check for paper or tissue

Q-EYE is a system for high-speed analysis of image for the relief of defects in the production line of paper products.

The system is able to analyze various aspects of the acquired images and to detect
any differences with respect to graphics and geometric aspects of the pre-established customer.
EYE-Q allows:
– Monitoring and verification in single side or both sides of the document
– Multiple control over specific areas or the entire format
– Verify the absence characters
– Check the presence stains or areas that are not readable
– Tone control and data inking
– Verification of character and 1D and 2D barcodes on specific areas of the document
– Selection error thresholds globally or for individual area
– Generation of the error log full of positional information and area of the defect
– Lack of data history
– Printing of reports
– The availability of signals for the control of the host machine in case of error