4 April 2017


Dettaglio ispezioni prodotto

In addition to material analysis it’s also possible to perform various checks on products. For example dimensional and positional recognition, presence/absence detection, shaping and pattern-matching.

Our systems can work in-line with the purpose to detect each one of these problems and generate a reject signal that can be acquired by the discard system or sent to an audible alarm or a flashing rod. We can guarantee successful inspections with high speeds and various kinds of materials: paper, fabric, plastic and metal sheets. If required, we can deliver systems that are able to perform quality checks and validations in real-time.

Different signals can be provided depending on the detected issue or a discard signal can be directly sent to the corresponding system. All the defects can be stored in a database with customer, product, order, defect geometry, dimension, position, pigmentation, date and time. It’s also possible to record data pertaining to the kind of defect that has been detected (not respected weave, stain, …) and specific for a certain production, for example like coloring (trichromy, quadrichromy or Hue-Saturation-Luminance). In addition to a chromatic analysis, through the elaboration of acquired images, it’s possible to also perform dimensional and morphological ones.

Panoramica ispezioni prodotto

The vision systems that we build can also be employed to drive robots, perform autonomous manufacturing and conduct assisted pick & place (even from bins with non-ordered components).

Inspectable items include: