Feeder robot

Carousel system with reduced size for pharmaceutical prospectus storage and placing Direct machine feeding through and anthropomorphic robot from a carousel system Non-Stop refill system. Sensorized product-availability control. Desensorized downstream machine, featuring artificial vision for the pick-and-place mechanism

Q-eye high-speed printing control

High performance printing control In-line inspection of printed products, with speeds up to 350 m/min Analysis of 256 levels of gray with a resolution of 1/10 mm linear Spatial resolution: 0.8 sq mm Front-and-rear version available Digital-file or sampled-method print control Identification of non-printed areas, inking faults, stains OCR and barcode check Real-time defects identification Read more about Q-eye high-speed printing control[…]

P-eye printing inspection and control on paper products

Fully automated machine for in-line inspection of printed products. Speed up to 10000 pcs/h Programming of regions and parameters to be checked Control of contrast settings, inked areas, color and absence of stains Automatic discarding of defective products with user-defined alarm thresholds /center>