7 March 2017

Datamatrix / QR Code


Bidimensional codes (2D) encode information using the height and width of a matrix. Even this kind of code can be used to identify an object or product. But since they’re able to contain more information compared to monodimensional codes, they are also used, for example, to hold information related to shipments or medical records.

For certain kinds of code we can recognize various encodings. We also support various techniques for error detection and correction, which allow information to be retrieved even in the case of non-optimal images.

These are the kinds of bidimensional codes that we are able to acquire:

  • Data Matrix
  • PDF417
  • MicroPDF417
  • Maxicode
  • Truncated PDF417
  • QR Code

Our machines can guarantee a reading speed of 100,000 codes per minute. Even in the presence of rotated images.

Datamatrix 2

There’s also the capability to recognize composite codes, made of various combinations of monodimensional and bidimensional codes. Usually in these cases the 1D code provides an identifier for the object, while the 2D one gives additional information (e.g. the lot number and expiration date). Moreover you can contact us to know if, in addition to the ones mentioned above, it’s possible to process other kind of codes.