22 August 2018

Industrial automation

Electrical Systems
Systems integration
Control and Supervision Software
Transducers and detectors
Communication systems
Automatic identification
Actuation systems
Development of integrated systems
Design of actuation software
Dynamics / Kinematic calculus
Automatic control of PLC- and PC-based hardware
Interfacing with SQL server databases
Real-time data processing
PC-based SCADA systems
High and Low-level man-machine interfacing
Analysis and implementation of motion profiles for real-time applications
Multi-axis electronic cams, motion locking, gearing
Integration of actuation systems on ultra-fast machineries
Multi-axis positioning for format changing
Development of algorithms for inverse kinematics
Test benches
Dimensional data collection under mechanical stress
Stress tests
Real-time data collection
Product characterization and validation
Robot-based storage and handling systems
Warehouse controlling
Flow accumulation and synchronization
In-line sorting
Warehouse pick&place
Warehousing systems
Goods tracking by means of contactless detection points
Goods counting and real-time materials handling
RFID-based tracking and identification