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Industrial Automation Sintec Ingegneria srl
Sintec Ingegneria robotica automazione

  Industrial Automation

Electrical Systems
Systems integration
Control and Supervision Software
Transducers and detectors
Communication systems
Automatic identification
Actuation systems
Development of integrated systems
Design of actuation software
Dynamics / Kinematic calculus
Automatic control of PLC- and PC-based hardware
Interfacing with SQL server databases
Real-time data processing
PC-based SCADA systems
High and Low-level man-machine interfacing
Analysis and implementation of motion profiles for real-time applications
Multi-axis electronic cams, motion locking, gearing
Integration of actuation systems on ultra-fast machineries
Multi-axis positioning for format changing
Development of algorithms for inverse kinematics
Test benches
Dimensional data collection under mechanical stress
Stress tests
Real-time data collection
Product characterization and validation
Robot-based storage and handling systems
Warehouse controlling
Flow accumulation and synchronization
In-line sorting
Warehouse pick&place
Warehousing systems
Goods tracking by means of contactless detection points
Goods counting and real-time materials handling
RFID-based tracking and identification

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